When this tech startup needed a full reboot of their brand and marketing materials, we provided them with a comprehensive solution. The Paycrew team directly attributes the overwhelmingly positive response from the market and increase in sales to our work and ongoing support.

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We provided a content architecture schematic and corresponding website for the department responsible for managing the university's new and developing technologies. What was supposed to have been a temporary solution fit so well they have decided to keep it for three years running. We really want to update it, but at the same time, I guess we shouldn't complain about a job well done.

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Despite being a booming start up in the food space, this company had an outdated website without any SEO or inbound marketing systems in place. We brought them up to modern times with a clean design that has increased their high-level inbound leads in terms of both quantity and quality.

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When a world-class medical supplier asked us to build them a site similar to Apple's website (on a much smaller budget than Apple!), we embraced the challenge and organized their hundreds of pages, complicated content, and clunky link structure into a streamlined, modern design.

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We are a design agency obsessed with finding new ways to make bytes and atoms play together nicely. We're young so digital technology is second nature to us, but we're old enough to realize technology is worthless if it doesn't create a better world for all of us.

And no, Digerati is not some amalgamation of Digital & Illuminati. It is a term used for the elite of digitalization, content marketing, and online communities. That is what we aim to be for our clients and their customers.

We help you understand your audience and develop a digerati technology plan to target your next customer. Marketing is what happens when the needs of both technology and people are carefully considered before connecting the two together.

There is no more B2B or B2C. It's H2H: Human to Human.
- Bryan Kramer

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